New Year’s Resolutions Worth Keeping

We all make New Year’s resolutions that we end up forgetting about or giving up sooner than planned. These resolutions listed, however, are easier to keep and important for both having a good year and being the best version of yourself. Without further adieu…

1. Journal daily 

Yes, this one may be a little difficult to keep up with. Trust me on this one, though. The entries do not have to be the length of a novel. Not only can this be used to let out emotions and secrets that you may want to keep to yourself, but it also acts as a record of the important daily events that happened throughout your year. This way, you can look back and see how much you have progressed and changed, and how certain events led to where you currently are now. Plus, this only takes about 5-10 minutes. If something more to motivate you, go out and pick up a cute new journal or make a DIY journal! I will put a link below to a great journal DIY.

2. Compliment others genuinely whenever possible

I have always been an advocate for the idea that if you are kind to others, you will feel better about yourself. By complimenting others, not only will they feel good (and possibly have their day made), but you will feel better as well. I assume most people have heard of the 3 compliment a day guideline. As much as I like this idea, it can lead to forced and awkward compliments that do not come from the heart. However, if you see someone and honestly think their outfit is cute or their hair looks good, tell them! I know it can be awkward sometimes, and I will admit I have shied away from giving others-especially strangers-compliments, but it is worth your time. This is a simple resolution that can be done whenever and wherever, plus it creates more smiles everywhere! 🙂

3. Get organized!

The word “organized” can really scare people sometimes. I know some are better at organizing than others, but it is a crucial task that produces positive effects. If you organize the spaces you spend time in the most and make everything clean and tidy, your stress level will decrease. There is just something about everything being in its own place and not clumped together that makes for a very peaceful atmosphere. In addition to this, a cleaner and more organized space is a productive space. Try to organize and clean your desk-or wherever you get work done-as much as possible, because the mess prohibits productivity and distracts you from the work at hand. Lastly, make lists! To-do lists, grocery lists, bucket lists, anything! Writing down tasks, ideas, or activities allows you to easily remember thoughts you have throughout the day, and it feels amazing to cross things off a list! After all, who doesn’t like accomplishments?

4. Do things for yourself 

It seems that these days most people are always busy, trying to please others, trying to live up to certain expectations, or always looking toward the future. Don’t get me wrong, a little bit of all of these is healthy, and actually recommended. However, practicing all of this in excess while leaving no time for yourself can be quite draining and unhealthy. To avoid constant stress, make time to do things for yourself. This could range from exercising or crafting to going to the library or dancing crazily to your favorite music. These little activities that can be easily plugged in to almost any schedule will free the mind from external worries. Even if this is only 10 minutes a day, or maybe 30 minutes to an hour a couple times a week, it will be a great break and an internal stress relief. This allows for a break that can take your mind away from a crazy day, but also allows you to go back to your daily routine and continue to be productive. Yay for avoiding crashes and break-downs!

I hope this gets you motivated about the new year and gives you new ideas to put into practice! Tell me if any of these have worked for you, I would love some feedback!

Stay Cute, Sassy, and Classy